User Centered Communication.

People usually talk about User Centered Design (or human centered design) referring to everyday products: the person who will use the objec is the target and focus of the whole design process.
Designers’ mission is to identify customer’s needs and try to offer efficient, simple and ready-to-use solutions.

This way of thinking is sometimes in contrast with the research of beauty, that is the unique focus of other schools of thought.
Many designers careers are based on the research of the perfect synthesys between look and functionality: this is the way also Basta. designs.

From people to people.

Basta.‘s projects goal is to create ready-to-use and simple solutions for humans that have to exchange informations with other humans. This is done keeping in mind that today’s communication is often related to digital media.

User centered communication is always based on a clear and deep analysis of all clients’ requests and goals.

Why is this an "Analogue and digital communication firm"? because it's true, we live in a digital world in which communication rides on technology, but we are still persons and we must always try to maintain our humanity, in marketing as in life 🙂

Communication = advertising.

Clients mostly come to a communication specialist to receive help in finding new customers and in protecting their relationship with the existing ones. They basically need advertising.

Professionals, small, medium and large companies, multinationals; all have one thing in common: to exist they must be recognized.
The ambition is to create a brand that stands out and looks highly valuable in consumer’s mind. Only than he will accept to exchange money for a product or a service.
Quality, in today’s highly competitive market, isn’t always enough: perception of quality is the key.
helps his clients to reach customers and give them methods to explain users the real brand worth and the value of their products and services.

Communication = streamlining.

Some other customers need to simplify and streamline really time consuming tasks.
Information technology can be very helpful: computers, smartphones and tablets can be precious allies when speaking about tracking operations, getting rid of huge amount of paper archives and sharing informations and documents quickly.
Basta. offers custom and easy-to-use solutions that meet the needs of final users and match goals and budget requests of the companies.

How does it work?

Working processes at Basta.alway start from empathy.

in Psychology it’s the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation.

Being empathic doesn’t mean assume someone else’s emotions but understanding them, respecting them and taking care about them as if they were its own.
This should be a genetic trait for humans but, as well as the majority of innate properties, empathy needs to be trained to work efficiently!

This is the reasony why every project at Basta. starts with a careful focus on clients, on its market segment and on its target and potential clients.
At this stage of work every stakeholder becomes a really helpful partner: companies with their expertise and market intelligence, final users with their needs and behaviours, Basta. and its collaborators with technical and communicative strenght.

No preconceptions and no ready-made proposals: every project is totally customized, because no one likes to be a copy of someone else.

So, what does

Basta. points out needs, deeply understands them and proposes strategies to reach all goals.

Communication strategies are all the actions done to ensure that a message can reach quickly and effectively his final destination: sometimes one action is enough, some other times (most of the time) many actions are needed and they should be well-coordinated.

These actions can refer to the design of a logo, the proposal for a brochure layout, the filming and editing of a TV advertising, a cinema or a radio one, the development of a website, the realisation of photos, video animation or renderings, the design and development of smartphone and tablets apps and of many other thing that can be helpful in achieving a result.


One among very many inspirationsof Basta.? Donald Norman, a great design scientist that gives usability a central role in all his works and studies. Anyone can benefit from his books and his publications, not just designers!
Someone who makes object and everyday stuff, someone who provides services for people, entrepreneurs, managers and employees who are committed to make their work place a better one.

We are analog beings trapped in a digital world, and the worst part is, we did it to ourselves.
This is not true: people are analogue, not digital; biological not mechanical.
Donald Norman, D. A. The invisible computer. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Copyright 1997, 1998 – Italiana Apogeo, sec. edizione 2005
Donald Norman, D. A. The invisible computer. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Copyright 1997, 1998 – Italiana Apogeo, sec. edizione 2005