Wasting energy and money? Basta.

Basta. Strategie di comunicazione

Your only reference for communication strategies.

Basta. is an “handicraft” studio.
Every customer is important, from the small start-up to the unrealized medium: we understand their needs and try to provide adequate, effective responses in line with the budget available to the customer.

In a constantly evolving digital world, we are able to always be up-to-date both on technologies and on the most current trends in communication and, thanks to the network of professionals we have created, it is possible for us to fully manage most of the projects that come to us completely internally. entrusted.

Brand building.

The real strenght of a company is being recognized, deeply understood and reminded.

Characteristics of a company, her philosopy, her marketing goals and her potential costumers are the keys to define a strong image, uniform and distinctive.

Basta. plans and manages the whole analysis process, defines the right market placement and develops a communication strategy that matches the budeget.

Basta. also produces all communication materials that help create strong company and brand image.
Only if everything will be in the right place the message will reach his target loud and clear!

  • Company and marketing targets setting;
  • Behavioral analysis of targets;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Brand and company positioning;
  • To-be-used media planning;
  • Corporate image and brand manual design.

Digital communication strategy.

Corporate reputation can be build online.

A well defined communication plan can point out very complex ideas in a very simple way by subdividing a single heavy and complicated message in many tiny and simple-to-understand ones.
Each of this message can reach his proper target by ride on a proper media: in that way it will reach his final destination in no-time and without any loss of informations.

This is at the basis of the design of a communication strategy both in the off-line world and in the on line one.
Basta. develops multichannel communication plans that use both digital and analog media. studies and understands of user needs in a totally user centered approach and provides companies all necessary tools to build a solid relationship with their targets: tools to understand user needs and tools to communicate the best solutions.

  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Planning and management of digital advertising campaigns;
  • Budgeting for digital promotion;
  • Planning and management of editorial plans;
  • Creation of contents (textual contents, videos, images) for websites, social networks, online advertising;
  • High quality link-building;
  • Digital user interfaces design for softwares and application for personal computers, smart-phones and tablets.

Contents production.

Basta. plans strategies and realizes all needed contents.

  • Graphic design for printings;
  • Building and vehicles decoration;
  • Internal signage design for buildings;
  • Design and development of websites in a SEO-orientedway;
  • Web copywriting (in italian);
  • Video and photo shooting;
  • Virtual tours;
  • User Interface design for software and applications;
  • Product renderings;
  • Packaging design;
  • etc.