Improvisation? Basta.

Professional network of Basta.

A professional Network.

You can measure the value of a company by looking at the people that make up its professional network.

Basta. is an individual company owned by Elisa Monti.
Elisa is a doctor in Communication Design, graduated at Politecnico di Milano. She’s been on the job 10 years, both as freelance designer and as employee in communication agencies.
She specialized in communication strategies for business, but she also writes textuals contents, design graphics for printings, edits video, makes 2D and 3D animations and produces photo-quality renders.

A One-Woman-Band is not enough.

In order to best realize a project and to reach all clients’ goals, it is important that different skills and ideas join and work together.

This is why Basta. is part of a network where agencies and freelances works together to find out the best solutions for clients.

Networking is something very important for us. It allows us to give our best services and communicative products within one unique point of contact for the clients.



Rumors want that graphic designers and developers don’t get along, but those who say it don’t know teamwork.

Beavercode is a Ticino based company that provides, among the other services, the developing of native IOS and Android apps.
This can be a really great competitive edge for clients: they can have a really valuable marketing tool or a really useful shortcut to the digitalization of internal process.

Tir Production

What is essential is invisible to the eye. Our job is to find a way to represent it.

Tir Production agency creates photo and video services, deals with social media and PR and creates digital content for innovative and functional campaigns.


There are those who work to win over competitors. We prefer to be friends

Printing can be tricky! You can’t correct errors and just one tiny distraction can compromize the whole project. Dlcom means precision, punctuality and strictness.