doc. Maria Palmucci

wordpress, SEO, copywriting

Website development and copywriting of texts from a SEO perspective

The project involved the creation of a very simple and purely informative website.

The design was developed by Basta. and the Avada theme was used for the realization.

The choice to use a multipurpose theme derives from the need to provide customers with a professional service while keeping budgets contained.
When the project allows it (there are no particular features or particularly complex graphics) a very convenient choice is in fact that of customizing pre-set themes.
Basta. scrupulously selects the themes suitable to perform this function, so that only highly performing and constantly updated services are used.

As regards the work carried out in the SEO field, an initial analysis was carried out of the positioning desired by the customer, the competitors, the research activity of users and their needs.

On the basis of the data highlighted in the analysis phase, the most appropriate structure to be adopted was defined, as well as the copywriting of the contents, the management of the onpage and onsite technical SEO.

Although a blog section could be very performing in terms of optimizing the site for search engines, this has not yet been implemented, due to the precise entrepreneurial choice of the customer who, with too many conversions, would not be able to provide the requested service.

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