Merkel Marlet – L’alterco

2D animation, After Effects, Music Video
L’alterco – Videoclip

A video clip was made for the independent band Merkel Market to accompany the launch of the first single from the album, L’Alterco.

The idea behind the video is to recreate a sort of “Jump’n’run” video game in a dystopian setting, with hyper-saturated colors, surreal images and orniric settings.

The text of the song, very provocative, is inserted into the video clip using the communicative device of the comic that appears in the vicinity of the protagonist.

The technique used for the realization of the video clip is that of 2D animation (software: After Effects).

Basta. took care of the ideation of the subject, of the artistic direction and of the editing. The illustrations were made by Matteo Faverio.

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